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Malia and Monica White

Malia and Monica White are a powerful mother and daughter duo, passionate about empowering young boys and girls to be brave and courageous enough to face their fears. They want to help others conquer some of the fears they have had. 


Malia loves to read, swim, play the piano, dance, spend time with her friends and family and make people  smile. She has an infectious spirit that lights up a room. She is kind, compassionate, and caring.  She loves helping others and is always looking for ways to make a difference.


Her mother, Monica White is a board-certified pediatrician who strives to  empower her patients to face and overcome their fears. She believes in leaving a place better than she found it. She is a loving mother, wife, daughter, and friend. She enjoys cycling, reading, listening to music, event planning and traveling. She cares about her community and works diligently to improve the lives of others.

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